Folder Transfer Free software to transfer or share files and folders over network or Internet

Folder Transfer

share your computer files and folders to let other network users download anytime. Free Edition Available! The software can rransfer files from PC to PC,share files and folders across network, and support breakpoint transmission. Here are the key features: File Transfer Software - Send and receive both files and folders between computers - Send files to multiple computers simultaneously - Transfer large files. File size is unlimited for registered

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Autosend 3.0: Share files with your friends or with the entire world by email. Easy and safe !

Autosend 3.0

files or send some if you allow it. The servers can also answer to some commands: sending the list of shared files, upload a file, create a directory, find a file among all those shared, list of newly shared files, execute a command... Some tools are also available : logfile parser, split of big files into smaller pieces, send lists of shared files, dial-up launcher, automatic creation of an html file of all shared files, private messages to the

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WWW File Share Pro 5.40: Help you share files with your friends all around the world.

WWW File Share Pro 5.40

Share Pro is a software that can help you share files with your friends or share files in the office. They can download files from your computer or upload files from theirs. What you need to do is to simply specify a directory for downloads and a directory for uploads. Your friends can download/upload files via browser (IE/Netscape/Opera/etc.) They will not be required to install this software or any other software because an internet browser is

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Bucket Explorer for Amazon S3 2009.04.03: Manage data stored in Amazon S3 buckets & CloudFront Distributions

Bucket Explorer for Amazon S3 2009.04.03

share data with others How does Bucket Explorer help? -Browse your buckets and files on S3 -Upload and download files, to and from Amazon S3 buckets. -Set Server Access Logging (Bucket Logging) for Audits. -Synchronize data between multiple computers. -Upload files in HTML format for Web Hosting. -Create public URLs and signed URLs to share the files. -Access shared buckets and files from someone else`s account. -Set Access Control on Buckets and

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GetByMail Remote Access & File Sharing by Mail.


share files on your computer with other people simply through e-mail. It is an excellent solution if you want to share files with people who do not have access to FTP, P2P or are behind NAT/firewalls. Because GetByMail only requires an e-mail address the program is easy to setup. No complex network configuration, no dedicated IP and no additional FTP software are required. GetByMail supports SSL connections over POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols and is compatible

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iZip 1.2: iZip is a FREE powerful archiving utility designed specifically for Mac.

iZip 1.2

share your files with ease. Zip and unzip files Use the familiar Mac Finder to easily manage the contents of the most common archive file formats such is those created by WinZip, WinRAR and others. It`s so easy treating archive files as removable storage, you can save your documents directly to your zip file or even drag-and-drop files between archives. No more having to extract the whole contents of a large zip file just to get at one or two files

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PowerFolder 5.0: Sync, Share, Access and Backup your Files online or in LAN.

PowerFolder 5.0

Sync, Share, Access and Backup your Files! Simply install PowerFolder on every computer you want to sync. Choose the folders and PowerFolder keeps them up to date! Online or in LAN. PowerFolder automatically and efficiently keeps all files updated between multiple PCs, Macs or Linux machines. Data transfers are unlimited, encrypted and directly between computers, an optional online storage is is possible. 5% discount coupon code: XXDLL3E49UO1

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Taifun File Share 0.9.1: 

			              BioniX Taifun Share is a free tool t

Taifun File Share 0.9.1

shared files * You can allow your friends to also upload files into your computer * Exchange large files that cannot be usually exchanged over email (for example Yahoo mail forces a 10MB limit) * Very small (only 0.6MB) * Eye candy, easy to use interface (supports skins) * The current version is 100% freeware How to use it? Choose a folder to share in "Shared files" tab. Press the "Share" button to start to share your files. Go to "Internet settings

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Files Share Server(efilego) 3.2: Files share server, no need for client installing. It is a web based http server

Files Share Server(efilego) 3.2

files with this file share server and begin the free 15 day trial! Use it for sharing your pictures, videos, software(drivers) etc. Supports sharing files by resuming download and multithread download.(faster and faster) Supports send files by multi security protect.(download password and upload password) Supports share files under 95/95/nt/2k/2003/xp. Supports share file for long file name and unicode filename or multibyte file name. Supports send

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Share Search Tool 3.1: Search mp3, movies,  software or other shared files with Rapidshare Search Tool

Share Search Tool 3.1

Share Search Tool is an unique desktop software which enable you to search Share links on the Web with minimal effort. You can easily search for mp3, movies, games, software or other files hosted on a share servers like RapidShare, Megaupload, Fileserve or Filesonic. Are you a software producer? Are you a copyright holder? Our software enable you to not only search links which violates your copyrights but also manage and send an Abuse Reports.

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